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Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol Treatment


Alcoholism refers to addiction to alcohol. It is a chance disorder, in which a person is unable to refrain from frequent and excessive consumption of alcohol for physical or psychological reasons. The World health Organization has listed alcoholism as one of the three most deadly killer diseases of the 20th century.Follow step given below for alcohol treatment.

Alcoholism is also one of the most serious social problems. It often bring poverty and certain amount of crime and results in marital unhappiness and broken homes.

Alcohol is not a product found in nature. It result from decomposition and as such belongs to a family of poisons. Alcohol cannot be called a food for it enters the alimentary canal and is not change or digested in any way.

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According to the WHO, “Alcoholics are those excessive drinkers whose dependence on alcohol has attained such a degree that it show a noticeable mental disturbance or interference with their bodily or mental health

Alcoholic, who would rather drink than eat; fails to get enough vitamins, all its vitamins drained out of his system in the process of burning the alcohol in his body.

Excessive drinking often causes premature greying of hair due to vitamins deficiency.

Chronic alcoholism produces symptoms like tremor of the hands, feet and tongue, convulsion, mental clouding and perspiration.

Excessive drinking imposes a strain on the liver. Gradually destroy its functions and often causes cirrhosis of the liver.

It leads to disorders of the stomach and bowels. It can causes brain damage as brain cells are often affected by it. Alcohol also affects the heart which becomes weal and flabby.

"Alcohol Treatment

It is advisable that in the beginning of the alcohol treatment, the patient is given a suitable substitute to relieve the craving if and when such craving occurs.

The best substitute drinks for alcohol is a glass of fresh fruit juice, sweetened with honey, if desired. In the alternative, wholesome candy may be taken.

All refined foods such as sugar, white rice, macaroni products and white flour and meat should be avoided.

The patient should eat several small meals a day in preference to two or three large ones and avoid strong condiments such as pepper, mustard and chili. He should not smoke as this will only increase his desire for alcohol.

Apple are considered valuable in the alcohol treatment, use removes intoxication and reduces the craving for wines and other intoxicating liquors.

The raw celery juice is also considered useful. It has a sobering effect and is an antidote to alcohol


In addition to proper nutrition, plenty of rest and outdoor exercise are necessary. Yoga asans for general health such as padmasan, vajrasan, vakrasan, yogamudra and shalabhasana and yogic kriyas like jalneti, kunjal and simple Pranayamas like kapalbhati and sitkari will be beneficial.

Copious drinking of water, hot fomentation on the stomach and abdomen with a wet girdle pack between applications are also effective water treatment for alcoholism.

and finally it will be advisable to follow the Ten Commandments to prevent alcoholism, offered by psychiatrist Dr. William B. Terhune. These are:

Never drink when you “need one”

Sip slowly;

Space your drinks, taking a second drink 30 minutes after the first and a third an hour after the second dilute your alcohol;

Keep an accurate and truthful record of the amount and number of drinks you take;

Never conceal the amount of alcohol you drink;

Do not drink on an empty stomach;

Stop drinking on “signal” (signals are lunch, dinner, fatigue, sex stimulation, boredom, frustration and bedtime);

Make it a rule never to take a drink to escape discomfort- either physical or mental; and

Never, never take a drink in the morning thinking it will cute a hangover.






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