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Ayurvedic Spices

Ayurvedic spices



Spices and condiments formed a major part while preparing ayurvedic medicines. They are necessity without it no ayurvedic medicine can be prepared. Below are some of the important ingredients or spices useful for the treatment of various diseases.

Home remedies for diseases. Ingredients that are found in our kitchen are quite important and useful. Hence use them carefully.

Ayurvedic spices

ANISEED (SOUNF – Ayurvedic Spices)


It is used for chewing, in spices and pickles, for processing certain medicines. It expels wind, is wind and gas repellent, aids in digestion, is diuretic, improves eye-sight, refreshes mouth and removes bad smell, helps the bowels to expel faecal matters, relieves pain in joints. Boil about 6 grams of aniseed in water and let it cool and bottle it thereafter, after sieving the content. It will provide instant relief in cases of infantile colic and wind. Fry aniseed in ghee, mix some sugar candy and bael powder/ juice of fresh fruit, to have relief in loose motions.

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