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Baby Bath

baby bath



Bath times gives your baby the opportunity to enjoy herself by kicking and splashing in the water. It should be a happy time for mother and baby bath and if you are well prepared it will be a relaxing time.

Most babies are bathed every day but if you are rushing or you are still not very confident with your newborn baby “topping and tailing” can be done instead of daily bathing.

To do this, wash the baby’s bottom from front to back with cotton wool and swab her eyes. Make sure you use different cotton wool swabs for each eye otherwise infections can be spread from one to the other. “Topping and tailing” is also part of the bathing routine.

baby bath
Baby bath

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Prepare all the necessary items for bathing before the bath: Baby Bath


Undress your baby on a bed or table and wrap her in a towel so she will remain warm while you’re washing her face and bottom.

Fill the bath with tepid water and test the temperature with your hand. Never place your baby in the bath without testing the water first.

Some mothers prefer baby bath to soap up their babies before placing then in the bath. When you place her in the bath cradle in your arm and support her head on your forearm. Use your free hand to splash water and play with her.

Trickle some water over your baby’s head then wash her hair gently with soap or baby shampoo. Use gentle circular motions to wash her scalp and dry her head by stroking it with a towel.

baby bath
shampooing baby hair

Wash your baby’s hand, feet, underarms and body and allow her some time to enjoy the feeling of the water. Rinse the soap off and then lift her gently out of the bath and pat her dry with a towel.

Dry all creases before redressing your baby.


When you bath or change the nappy of your newborn baby always clean the umbilical cord with a cotton bud. The more often you clean cord with methylated spirits the sooner it will fall off.

baby bath
baby bath

You might like to rub some oil or talcum powder on her body.

Apply barrier cream to her bottom to help prevent nappy rash. Bath care liquids can be used in the baby’s bath water.

The kitchen sink, a hand basin or the laundry tub can be substituted for a baby bath.

If you are bathing your baby in a cold room a heater may be necessary to keep the room temperature higher. Keep the heater well always from the baby and the bath water.

Choosing baby bath the right time for bathing your baby influences how much she will enjoy the water. Hungry babies usually object to bath time because, obviously, they would prefer to eat than get wet and babies who have been fed before a bath may regurgitate some of their food during their bath.


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