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Baby Massage

Baby massage

Baby Massage


Baby Massage is a marvelous way to enhance the natural bounding between the mother and the (new born) baby as touch is a natural way to establish contact between both.

All babies instantly responding to cuddling and caressing. You must have noticed how a baby tightly curls its hand and feet when touched. In the case of babies, no essentials oil is used, but only light vegetables oils, like sweet almond, sunflower and baby oil or olive oil are used.

baby massage
baby massage



Take a large sized towel and spread half portion thereof on your legs or on laps and the other and the other half under the baby’s back out. Ensure there are no wrinkles of folds. Lay the baby on its back, or lay him in the position that make him feel comfortable.

baby massage
baby massage

Apply some oil to your palms and, then, apple gently and softly over the frontal portion of hip body. Use oil of sweet almond 5 ml. Ensure that your hands are warm, room is also warm and quiet and also there are no draughts. You can massage baby’s body either before the bath or after the bath, but ideal time should preferably is said to be after the time

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Frontal Massage of the Baby


1) Gently and slowly apply a little quantity of the oil over its front of the body,from shoulders to feet,

but avoid the face . Now lightly stroke down the chest and abdomen using the tips of your fingers.

Remember touch of hands in the body will cheer up the baby and he will show his happiness through light laughter or innocent smile.

Let his legs be kept in a straight line but if he curls up his legs, let him do so. It is a sign that he is enjoying and releasing the movements

2) Keep the pressure very light , move both your hand smoothly and circular strokes over the abdomen, working up the baby’s right side across and down his body’s left side.

Keep your movements continuous by lifting your left hand when your arms across. Now repeat such circular movements many a time.

baby massage
baby toe massage



3) If your baby lets you gently stretch out both the arms to the sides, spreading hands and fingers. Then gently squeeze out along the arms and, with light and circular thumb movements massage his palms and wrists. Before you finish your movements do not forget to stretch out his each finger with a light pull.

4) Now move on to legs and feet, but work out only on one leg a time. Supporting baby’s leg with both of your hand’s gently squeeze and release fleshy part of his thigh. Thereafter, support the leg with one hand and stroke the leg, from knee to the thigh and back down again.



Now move your supporting hand down to behind the ankle. Then gently smooth palm of your hand over top of baby’s foot-that if from toe to ankle and back again. As you reach the toes, stretch each toe very gently, without exerting any force/pressure. Same steps should be repeated 4-5 times on baby’s other leg also.


baby massage
Baby back side massage

1)  Now turn the baby over onto the front. Then start to stroke up his entire back side so that applied oil is evenly distributed to the whole of the back side. After applying the oil evenly over his back side, work up your stokes around baby’s side also and then up the legs, back and out over the arms.

If you massage his back side, as suggested, it will have very calming impact on the baby’s spinal nerves, because soothing effect always cheers the baby up.

2) To stimulate the blood circulation, gently knead and squeeze his/her buttocks. For this you should make loose fist and rotate over the baby’s buttocks in circular movements.

Baby massage
Baby buttock massage

3) Now gently stroke up one side of the back shoulders and down again. Repeat the suggested movements on the other side of the back also.

4) Now bring both of your hands around the scetes of your baby and, then, using your thumbs, massage gently up the back to the base of the neck. You should also massage baby’s shoulders with the help of thumbs.

5) Finally, before you finish up, repeat the feather strokes that were used at the beginning of the massage, by working all over the back , from neck to buttocks.

baby massage
baby massage

After doing baby massage see how a baby feels happy, cheerful and relaxed when its mother holds it in her hands, looks into its eyes, communicate with the baby in a motherly affectionate and caressing mood. There is also a sort of indirect exercise for the baby. It is simply a cheerful reaction of affirmative, affection, touch and nearness.

When the infants laughs, its lungs expand fresh air lets in, skin smooth’s, eyes sparkle and body reverberates with renewed energy. If you cling her to breast, she will feel still reassured, secure and filled up with confidence.

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