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Basic Men Skin Care

Basic men skin care



As a kid, I never saw my dad or grandfather use any cream on their faces. They would use any soap for their bath and that was the end of skin care for them. They didn’t bother about pigmentation or wrinkles at all. I remember, with the onset of winter, my grandfather’s skin would look white and flaky. He would then soak himself in coconut oil to get rid of his dry and itchy skin. So you see men too need to take care of their skin.

Did you know that male skin is different from female skin in many ways? Interesting right? Let me explain…….Basic men skin care.

*Men have a decreased ceramide composition in the stratum corneum. Ceramide is important for the water barrier function of the skin. Hence, men are prone to develop dull and dehydrated skin.

*Normal skin Ph in women is 5.5 whereas the male skin surface Ph is 5.5, which is less acidic. This changes the micro flora of the skin and lowers the exfoliation rates. Hence, they have an increased susceptibility to bacterial and viral infections.

*Men have slower wound healing rates because the hormones testosterone and dihydric testosterone inhibit wound healing.

*Men generate about four times more sebum than females. Why? Because the sebaceous gland activity and composition is affected by androgen’s and men have higher androgen levels. This is why men are more prone to acne and enlarged pores.

*The male sweat output rate is 30 percent higher than females.

*Men are more sensitive to UV rays because they have a 16 percent lower minimal erythema dose threshold (dose of UV Rays that may produce sunburns). Hence, their skin ages faster.

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Basic Men Skin Care


How is men’s skin care different? ( Basic Men Skin Care )


Typically, men do not look for a beautiful face. They prefer to have a rugged look. Their main goal is to look refreshed and feel confident. They always prefer a simplified, multi-functional skin regimen. They insist on effective, consistent and prompt results.

The good thing is men today are aware of the importance of skin care and the global male skin care market is expected to grow 16 percent.

Cleansers are a must for all skin types. If the skin is too oily, it is advisable to use toners.

Shaving products serve a dual purpose by preventing razor irritation and restoring the skin barrier function. Dry shaving can irritate the skin and alter the cell alignment and hence the smooth skin surface. When the mortar and brick arrangement of skin is disrupted, it becomes more prone to dryness and exposure to external bacteria resulting in infections. So, it is advisable to always do a wet shave and apply a moisturizer immediately after.

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Basic Men Skin Care

Improves the skin barrier ( Basic Men Skin Care )


*Moisturizers are very essential to prevent the skin from dehydrated.

*Sunscreens should never be forgotten.

*Don’t forget male skin is more predisposed to UV damage and has more pigment melanin than female skin.

*Guys do not like greasy sunscreens which leaves a white film on the face.

*Gel based sunscreens with micronized particles of zinc oxide or titanium dioxide should be opted.

*These are cosmetically acceptable for the man and chances that he will use it regularly will be high.

Skin care is not just for females. One may wear the expensive clothes and perfumes and travel in the most luxurious cars, but this cannot improve the appearance if the skin isn’t healthy.

Men needn’t get embarrassed to use a skin care product or visit a dermatology clinic for skin treatments. A clear, radiant, blemish free skin is something even men desire and need to work upon in order to get basic men skin care.

As you’ve discovered, there’s nothing ‘basic’ about caring for your skin! Just the way you change your food habits or closet depending on what weather it is or where you’re travelling to, it is important to alter your skin care ritual accordingly.


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