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Chest pain Home Remedies

chest pain home remedies

Chest problems


Our respiratory system is very sensitive and get infected by polluted or toxins containing air and atmospheric changes.All chest pain home remedies below:



1) Mix 1 teaspoon honey with ½ teaspoon dalchini (Cinnamon) powder and have it in night before going to bed.

2) Boil 8-10 flakes of lahsun (Garlic) in ½ cup of milk. Have it every night. It gives excellent result in early stages of asthma.

3) Boil ajwain (carom seeds) in water and inhale the steam.

4) Add a handful of sahijan (Horseradish) to 1 cup water. Boil. Simmer on low flame for 3-4 minutes. Cool and strain. Add salt, pepper and lemon juice to taste. Have every day, once or twice.

5) Anjeer (figs) are known to give relief by draining the phlegm. Take 3-4 dry figs, wash them well with warm water. Soak overnight in a cup of water. Eat them early in the morning and also drink the water. Do this for at least 2 months.

6) An expectorant and very effective remedy for asthma is prepared by boiling laung(Cloves) in 3 tablespoon of water. Take 1 teaspoon of this decoction with a little honey, trice daily.

7) Mix equal amounts of fresh adrak (Ginger) juice, honey and anar (pomegranate) juice. Take 1 tablespoon, 1-2 times a day.

chest pain home remedies
Asthma Home Remedies

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BREATHING PROBLEM (chest pain home remedies)

1) Boil 3 tablespoons powdered jaiphal (Nutmeg) in cup of Sesame oil. Cool and apply on affected parts.

2) Mix 1 teaspoon Kapur(camphor) in ½ cup slightly warned coconut oil and apply on the chest

3) Boil 2 tablespoon saunf (Anise) in cup water it is reduced to half. Filter. Take 1 tablespoon every morning and evening for a few days.


Chest congestion (chest pain home remedies)

Add to ½ litre (2 ½ cups) of boiling water 1 teaspoon ajwain (carom seeds )powder along with 1 teaspoon haldi (turmeric) powder. Cool. Take 1 tablespoon on this mixture along with 1 teaspoon honey.

chest pain home remedies
Ingredients for chest pain

COUGH (chest pain home remedies)


1) Give 1 teaspoon of tulsi (basil) leaves juice, 2-3 times day to children having cough. Tulsi (basil) leaves can be crushed to a paste and the paste squeezed through a clean muslin cloth to get juice.

2) Mix equal amounts of honey and adrak(ginger) juice. For better results warm the mixture a little and then have it. Have 1 teaspoon, 3-4 times a day.

3) Three sabot kali mirch (chili) sucked with a pinch of shah jeera (black cumin seeds) and pinch of salt gives relief.

4) Mix 1 teaspoon pepper powder with 4 teaspoon gur (jaggery). Make small tables. Suck 3-4 tablets during the day.

5) Mix a pinch of haldi (turmeric) with 1 cup warm milk and have at night.



1) Mix 8-10 tablespoons of coconut milk with 1 tablespoon khushkhus (poppy seeds) and 1 tablespoon pure honey. Take every night before going to bed.

2) Nearly 250gm sweet apples should be taken daily for a week to obtain relief.

3) A glass of warm water with juice of 1 lime and 1-2 teaspoon of honey is very good remedy for cough.


Cough with Phlegm

Mix equal amounts of onion juice and honey. Have 1 teaspoon, 3-4 times a day. This is a preventive medicine against cold in winter.

1) Chew a laung (clove) with a pinch of salt to ease expectoration and relieve irritation in throat.


Mucus in Cough

1) Pour 1 cup boiling water over ½ teaspoon each of adrak (ginger) powder, laung (clove) powder and powder of tulsi (basil) leaves. Filter. Sweeten with a teaspoon honey and drink.



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