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Children’s Dental Health

Children's Dental Health



Give your child the right food for her to grow and thrive.Fresh air and exercise are important children’s dental health care- a sedentary childhood based around home,television and the computer does not make strong bones.

Keep your youngster clean and teach her good hygiene habits from an early age,such as washing her hands before meals and after using toilet.

Protect but don’t over-product your child and seek appropriate help when she is ill.

Take her to all her routine check-ups and make sure that you get her immunizations done time.

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Where Can i get Advice?


You can speak to your health visitor or your doctor if you need advice.

Health visitors and doctors are often available for telephone consultations and many run baby or child clinics that you can attend without an appointment.

Does my Child need Vitamins Supplements?


It depends. A child who eats a good balanced diet and isn’t from group of people at high risk of vitamin deficiency does not need vitamins supplements.

Unfortunately, many children do not eat well, so it’s good idea to give vitamin A, C, AND D drops from about four to six weeks until five years of age.Avoid iron-based supplements.

Should i keep my child away from People with Colds?


No,Unless your child has a serious immunity problem, you needn’t keep her away from colds or other everyday viruses.

She may get a lots of colds in childhood.but it’s all part of building up valuable immunity.Each time your child is exposed to a particular virus or bacteria.

she develops permanent antibodies against it so that next time she comes into contact with it, she will be able to fight it off.

children's dental care
children’s dental care

How often should i take my child to the dentist:children’s dental health


Your child needs to visit the dentist regularly- at least every six months- for check ups,even if his/her teeth look perfect.

It’s important for her to get used to sitting in the chair without fear. Look fir a dentist who for a dentist who is good with young children-ask your friends, neighbours or health visitor.

When should i start taking her to the dentist:children’s dental health


I think the earlier you start, the better.You can leave it until tha age of two.Better still, you can take her as soon as she has teeth, even if it’s just to watch you staining the chair.

At first your child will probably want to sit on your lap to be “examined”.

In reality these visit will be little more than a social call because there aren’t many teeth to examine.As she grows older, she’ll be able sit in the chair on her own.

Will my child need a filling:children’s dental health


Most children’s milk teeth never need a filling, but its important to treat any cavity before it enlarges and becomes painful and the tooth needs to be taken out.

A child shouldn’t have to lose a milk tooth prematurely as these teeth affect speech development.Loss of milk teeth too early can also cause poor positioning of the permanent teeth.

What if my child does need treatment:children’s dental health


Try to be calm,bit don’t pretend it won’t hurt.Many new techniques reduce pain and avoid the noise if the drills,bit some treatments can hurt.

If a cavity is shallow, she may need no injection,but a deeper one may demand an injection of local anaesthetic-the gum can be numbed first with a cream.

The dentist may recommend a sedative or even a general anaesthetic in which case ask for the treatment to be carried out at a hospital where a fully qualified anaesthetist can do it.




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