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Common eye problems

common eye problems

                    Make Your Eyes Beautiful


Eyes, soft like flowers, full of passion and filled with magic attract everyone. Everyone look in the eyes first. This is definitely the most important and effective part of the body.

Though beautiful eyes are a blessing, still normal eyes can also be made effective with care, make-up, and intellect.

Ladies understand the importance of the eyes, still, they become careless in preserving beauty. Neither they give them proper rest nor nutritious food.

Health ( Common eye problems )


If you want your eyes to be attractive, keep yourself healthy. When you have good health, the eyes will have a natural shine and glow. Take food full of protein and vitamins. Food with vitamin A is especially beneficial. Take a lot of green vegetables, apricot, plum, date, and carrot too. Take half a lemon in warm water, an hour before your breakfast, it is very beneficial.


Problems ( Common eye problems )


Tiredness: Regular and enough sleep are necessary for eyes. Your eyes will look dull and tired if you didn’t have enough sleep, for at least 8 hours daily. If you go to bed late and don’t have enough sleep, for some reasons, you will have a headache and pain in the eyes the next day. The skin around your eyes also turns black if you don’t have sound sleep. Thus, choose a peaceful, lonely place to sleep so that you can have a sound sleep and feel fresh the next morning.

common eye problems


What Should You Do? ( Common eye problems )


1) Wash your eyes with rose water, it will give coolness to the eyes.

2) Remove makeup from the eyes portion and keep two slices of cucumber over them to give rest.

3) Rub a piece of ice on your face and keep flocks of cotton soaked in ice-cold water on the eyes. Your face and eyes will feel the coolness.

4) Keep both of your feet on the wall (at some height) and take rest in a dark room for about 10 minutes. This way blood circulation to the heart will increase and your whole body will feel fresh.

5) Cover your eyes with your palms for some time. Sprinkle cold water and flocks of cotton in Eau-de-Cologne and keep them in the eyes.

6) Wash your forehead, temple, and eyes with cold water a few times to give eyes a rest.

7) Don’t let your eyes get very tired as far as possible. Tired eyes not only give you pain but make the face dull and unattractive too.

8) Hard sunshine and dust are detrimental to the eyes, so keep them safe from these if you have to go in the sun, put on goggles. The lens of the goggles must be of a good quality, else it will harm your eyes.

9) Give up the habit of reading in a moving bus, train etc. Reading a fine print will stretch the muscles of the eyes and your eyesight will weaken.

10) The room should have enough light where you are working. Don’t read the books from very near the eyes. Reading a book, when lying, is not good, as it puts stress on the eyes and the eyesight weakens.

11) We have TV’s in all homes but who watches it in the proper manner? Watching T.V. is a stress on eyes. So never sit very close to it. Switch on some light in the room while watching T.V. so the stress on eyes will be less.

12) If you have had enough sleep, still you have a headache and your eyes remain tired then consult an eye-specialist, if he says, put on spectacles without hesitation. Wash eye with a good eye-lotion once or twice a week. Never use any medicine in the eyes without consulting a doctor because it may cause blindness. Your repenting on mishap later will not solve the problem.


Home Treatment ( Common eye problems )


Circles under the Eyes

1) An excellent and very simple remedy is to gently dab around your eyes with a pad of absorbent cotton, soaked in warm tea.

2) Add half tsp. juice in it 1 tsp. of almond oil and apply it around eyes at night. Blackishness will reduce.

3) Apply juice of tomato around the eyes after washing face in the morning before you take a bath.

4) Put flocks of cotton, soaked in hot tea water, on the eyes, blackishness will vanish.

5) Using dark sunglasses also brings blackishness, so use light shades.

common eye problems


For the Eyes Lids


Touch the lids with a drop of sweet almond oil. This keeps it supple and smooth


Close your eyes often, blink frequently, give them eye-baths.


Eyes look red and swollen due to tiredness. Add salt to warm water, soak flocks of cotton in that and keep them in the eyes. This will give warmth to the eyes, the swelling and reddishness will reduce.

common eye problems

EXERCISE ( Common eye problems )

Eyes get tired when you keep on working. A few exercises are being suggested here. You can do these exercises while doing your work.

1) Stare at the top of the room for some time. Start looking at a thing, kept near your hands, repeat it for 20 times, the eyes will feel better.

2) Move eyeballs right and left, left and right. Do it 10 times. Stop for a while and then repeat it.

3) Move eyeballs left and up and then down 10 times. Now start from the right. This will improve blood circulation and eyes will gain the power to work again.

4) Keep your palms on them lightly and see the darkness.

5) Close your eyes, count for two, open them, count for two, and close them again, do it 20 times.

6) Look upwards and blink at a uniform speed (20 times), now look downwards and do it.

7) Keep your face straight and close your eyelids tightly, now open them as wide as possible. Be careful, your face should not move.

8) Keep the tip of your finger and gaze at it, Increase the duration of the exercise slowly. Eyes will get rest.

Your eyes are not tired in the morning, so this should be the ideal time for exercise. Though you can do them during the time of working too.

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