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Diabetes in Children

diabetes in children



When a child is diagnosed for diabetes, it is an occasion for utmost worry- first for the parents and then for the child who is subjected to many a restriction to which he is not formerly accustomed.Diabetes in Children

Diabetes is of two types:


When there is profuse and frequent flow of urine. This condition is not serious as there is no sugar in urine or blood, and is manageable quit easily.

The child passages large quantities of urine after short intervals and gets weaker and tired.


Of the two types, it is the most disturbing aspect of diabetes when, in addition the aforesaid symptoms, there is presence of sugar in urine and blood.

First there is presence of sugar in blood but later on when blood sugar is not controlled, the sugar content passages in to urine also.

HEREDITY FACTOR:Diabetes in Children


Heredity factor is said to be a potent factor in causing diabetes in the offspring. It is not true that if a mother is diabetic, her child would also be a born diabetic.

The only factor worth recognition is that child of a diabetic mother is more exposed to onset of diabetes but it is not, at all, necessary that a diabetic mother’s child will also be born as a diabetic.

But those mothers, who are confirmed diabetics before conception and remain so even during the course of pregnancy, are most likely to pass on his symptom to their offspring.

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1) If too many dietary restrictions are imposed, the child’s growth pattern will be adversely affected and, thus, recoil on his mental and physical development.

2) It is an uphill task to adjust dosage of insulin and quantity of food intake.

3) Insulin injection is a painful experience for the child and the child resists and avoid such injections and is, generally, not able to keep pace with diet and insulin injections.

4) If diet is not taken immediately after insulin injection, sugar level is bound to fall rather suddenly.

5) Sudden rise of fall in blood sugar level will interfere with the child’s normal activity, studies, games and other allied extracurricular activities.

TREATMENT:Diabetes in Children


A patient has no option but to depend upon insulin- as far as a child or an adult is concerned, though elderly persons can be managed by oral antiglycaemic drugs which are easier to manage.

As far as proper treatment and diet is concerned, patient should be kept under supervision of a doctor who is the only right person to advice on adjustment of insulin dosage and diet.

I am avoiding to suggest any mode of treatment and diet which aspects ought to conduct by a doctor, though follow up action is to be performed by the parents and the child.

If diabetes is not controlled in time and allowed to prolong. Following complication may rise.

1) Late healing of wounds and appearance of leg ulcers.

2) Digestive disorders.

3) Hardening of blood vessels (Arterio Sclerosis).

4) Damage to kidneys and hardening of soft tissues.

5) Damage to eye-sight.

6) Skin problems like boils, pimples, rough skin, rashes, pruritus, Urticaria etc., loose teeth and spongy gums.

Diabetes in Children

REACTION OF INSULIN:Diabetes in Children


Primary symptoms (hypoglycemia)

1) Sudden fall in sugar level.

2) Unconsciousness and rapid pulsation of heart.

3) Sinking of body energy to its lowest ebb.

4) Staggering gate and darkness before eyes.

5) Short-term memory failure, mental instability, disorientation, forgetfulness.


Secondary symptoms

1) Unbearable itching (Pruritis), hives/urticaria.

2) Nausea, Vomiting and loose motions.

3) Bloating of abdomen.

4) Black/dark rings or spots around eyes or/and on skin.

5) In some cases patients put on extra weight even.


Hypo glycaemia can be easily managed by ingesting sugar-rich beverages or dissolving sugar or sugar cubes in water which will remove the above-mentioned complication.

The diabetics are advised to keep some amount of sugar with them, preferably dissolved in water, as a handy tool to meet emergent situation.

Even sweet biscuits, toffees, sweet, chocolates should be kept in readiness to meet such sudden situation.

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