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Fever is a general term. There are several types of fever like malaria, typhoid, viral etc.


Boil 1 tablespoon tulsi (basil) leaves with 1 teaspoon powdered cardamom I 2 teacups water. Take 1 cup of this decoction with milk and sugar to taste, 2 or 3 times a day.

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Malaria is a fever common to tropical and sub-tropical region, particularly, places which are moist and dirty. The causative parasite enters the blood stream through the bite of a particular variety of mosquito.

It has three distinct symptoms: feeling of chilliness, onset of fever and profuse sweeting when the fever subsides. The treatments are the following:

Basil leaves

1) First administer light purgative to purge the system of the filth. The patient should take as much water as possible.

2) Take basil leaves 10gms and 7 grains of black pepper. Grind them to powder form. Sieve it through a thick cloth. Mix it in about 100gms. Of water and ask the patients to drink this water at least twice daily, preferably on empty stomach.

3) Edible lime 5gms, mixed in about 50ml. of water. Then add the juice of one fresh lime. Administer this sedimented water to the patient at least thrice daily for quick relief. Administer this water especially when the fever is showing its presence in the body.



1) In this fever there is an insidious fever, a typical course of temperature, marked by abdominal symptoms consisting of ulceration of the bowels, an eruption of the skin for uncertain duration and a liability to frequent relapses. The following treatment is very effective to cure it.

2) The patient should be well looked after. No solid food should be given to the patients. Only easily digestible fruits like sweet lime, oranges, etc. may be given. He must be kept in a clean and airy room.

3) Take 4 basil leaves, saffron 7 shreds, and 7 grains of black pepper.

Grind them to a paste by adding water and form small tablets out of the whole lot. Take each tablet twice or thrice everyday with lukewarm milk. The fever would also subside and the patient would get the desired relief.

4) 1 to 2 teaspoons fresh juice of coriander leaves mixed in 1 cup buttermilk and taken 2-3 times.

5) Mash a ripe banana along with 1 tablespoon honey and eat twice a day for a few days.



1) Take about 10gms of basil leaves and 250 ml. of water. Boil them together till water is halved. Now add in the remaining water rock salt, according to taste. No sooner did you start too sweet that the effect of flu shall be removed with the sweat and you shall be alright. Alternatively drink decoction of basil leaves, black pepper in batasha for still quicker relief.



1) Influenza is an acute disease similar to all fevers. It symptoms are: high temperature, aches over whole of the body, stiffness of the limbs and a sore throat.

2) Keep the patients in a clean and airy place. Have the room incensed to drive out the germs from the atmosphere.

3) Make the patient eat only easily digestible food like moong (mung bean) dal, or sago kheer (rice pudding). Don’t let him take anything cold. Avoid all those things that generate phlegm in the body.

4) Ask the patient to smell a piece of camphor after every hour.


5) Make him do gargles with hot saline water.

6) Take bishop’s seed ( ajwain) and cinnamon in equal measure and boil of them in about 500 ml. of water. When the water remains half of its original quantity, strain and give it to patient to drink at four hourly interval.




1) Pneumonia is the inflammation of the substance of lungs which manifests itself in many forms. The attack usually commences with shivering (in young children with convulsion). Followed by pain in the chest and sometimes vomiting. The temperature rises suddenly to 104 F and the pulse is extremely rapid.

2) Take the root of the Arand (the plant from which castor oil is made) about 10gms; dry ginger 3gms. And boil both in water till the quantity of the water remains ¾ of the original quantity. Now strain the water and ask the patient to drink it, followed by 20gms the patient to drink it, followed by 20gms. Of pure honey.

Castor Oil Plant

3) Massage with turpentine oil brings great relief to the patient. But don’t do the massage in an open space. It will remove the pain and congestion in the ribs.



1) Mix 1 teacup fresh lemon juice in tender coconut water and drink.



1) Boil 2 teaspoons fennel seeds ( saunf) in 1 teacup water till it is reduced to half. Filter it. Take 1 tablespoon every morning and evening for a few days. (This filtrate, when used to wash the eyes frequently, is reported to strengthen the eye muscles. It is a good cleaning lotion for inflamed eyes.)

2) Grind a few root of the mango tree into a fine paste and apply on the palm and soles of the patient.

3) The neem (Azadirachta indica) leaf decoction taken with pepper powder lowers temperature.

4) Extract 1 tablespoon each juice of basil leaves and bel (Jasminum sambac) flowers. Add 1 teaspoon honey. Take twice a day.

5) Tea made by boiling 1 teaspoon fenugreek seeds (metthi daana) Take twice or thrice a day provides excellent remedy. (A little honey and lemon juice can be added to improve the flavor).





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