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If Your Child is Choking

if your child is choking



This is very common emergency that requires prompt treatment.Babies put everything in their mouths(not just food) and young children tent to run about with, drink or toys in their mouth despite their parent’s efforts to stop them.First thing comes in our mind what to do if child is choking.

FOR A BABY: Child is Choking


1) Lay your body along your arm and give her five slaps between her shoulder blades.

child is choking
slaps between her shoulder blades


2) Check the mouth to see if the object had been expelled. Remove anything you can see.


 child is choking
remove the object


3) If she is still choking keep her on her back.Place two fingers on the breastbone and give five sharp downward thrusts( chest thrusts) Check mouth again.

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1)  Encourage your child to cough.

Leave him alone until he becomes distressed.

 child is choking
chest thrusts

2) Give him five sharp slaps on his back between the shoulder blades(back slaps).

3) Check his mouth and remove anything you can see.

4) Give chest thrusts. Stand behind him, place one hand against his breastbone and the other hand on top, then pull sharply inward five times.Check his mouth.

 child is choking
Give chest thrusts

5) If he is still choking, make a fist with one hand and place it below his breastbone.Cover your fist with you other hand.Pull sharply upward and inwards five times( abdominal thrusts).Check his mouth again.


Continue a cycle of back slaps, chest thrusts, abdominal thrusts and mouth cheeks until help arrives.




Use the following techniques if you know that your child has choked on an object, otherwise CALL FOR AN AMBULANCE

If he is not breathing.Give up to five breaths of artificial ventilation.

child is choking
Breaths of artificial ventilation

Check his mouth.If he still not breathing, turn him onto his side and give him five backs slaps between his shoulder blades.Check his mouth again.

Turn him onto his back again and

breastbone and give him five

downward chest thrusts.Check his mouth again

child is choking

Place the heel of one hand below the breastbone and give five sharp upward thrusts(abdominal thrusts).Repeat steps 1-4 until help arrives.


 child is choking
Repeat steps 1-4


















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