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Post Pregnancy Care

post pregnancy care



Though post pregnancy care produces more rapid weight loss than any diet (an average of 12 pounds overnight), most women don’t find it quite rapid enough. The fact is, no one comes out of the delivery looking match slimmer than when they went in. Another reason for your bloated belly is leftover fluids five pounds or so of which will flush out within a few days.

But the rest of the problem is stretched out abdominal muscles and skin, which may sag for a lifetime unless a concerted exercise effort is made.

Pregnancy a beautiful stage in life but its need a proper care after it. It’s quite important to maintain our health after going through pregnancy. But keep in mind to make your body look like before you first need to get back all the nutrients of your body which it lost during pregnancy and while giving birth.



After post pregnancy keep in mind that at least for the first two months after giving birth your need needs relax so avoid going through diets and exercise during this period. Eat all kinds of healthy food which is not only needed by your own body but also to baby. As what you eat your baby will get.

After two months start with a low diet like eating a healthy breakfast which includes protein, minerals, and vitamins but remember it should be low in calories.

Post Pregnancy diet food: 12 foods must for You



C-section is the most painful time for the mums as it not only disturbs your physical health but also your mental health. You can’t get your pre-pregnancy body easily after C-section. You cannot eat the foods you desire.




After post pregnancy remember to start with simple exercise, vigorous exercise may lead to over exertion of your body making you feel tired and giving up.

Start with a yoga session which will not only help to reduce your extra gain weight but also help you get your peace in mind.

post pregnancy care
post pregnancy



1) Wear a supportive bra and comfortable clothing.

2)Try to divide your exercise schedule into two or three brief sessions, rather than doing one long session a day. This tones muscles better and will be easier on your recovering body and you’re more likely to be able to fit it in.

3) Start each session with the exercise you find least strenuous.(exertion)

4) Do exercises slowly, and don’t do a rapid series of repetition. Instead, rest briefly between movements.

5) As during pregnancy, it’s necessary to avoid jerky, bouncy, erratic motions during the first six weeks. Also avoid knee to chest exercise, full sit-ups, and double-leg lifts during this period.

6) Monitor your heart rate.

7) Be sure to replenish fluids lost during exercise.

8) Take it slowly and sensibly; “No pain, No gain” wasn’t a motto created with new mothers mind. Don’t  do more than recommended, even if you feel you can, and stop before you feel tired. If you overdo it, you probably won’t feel it until the next day, by which time you may be so exhausted and achy that you won’t be able to exercise at all.

9) Don’t let taking care of your baby stop you from taking care of yourself. Your baby will love lying on your chest as you go through your exercise paces.

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