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Raw Juice

raw juice



Raw juice therapy is a method of treatment of disease through an exclusive diet of juices of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. It is the most effective way to restore health and rejuvenate the body.

During raw juice therapy, the eliminative and cleansing capacity of the organs of elimination, namely lungs, liver, kidneys and the skin, is greatly increased.

After the juice fasting or raw juice therapy, the digestion of food and the utilization of nutrients is vastly improved.

As juice are extracted from plant and fruits, they possess definite medicinal properties.

Besides specific medicinal virtues, raw fruits and vegetables juice have extraordinary revitalizing and rejuvenate effects on all the organs, glands function of the body.

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Firstly, raw fruit and vegetable juice are extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes and natural sugars.

They exercise beneficial effect in normalizing all the body function and help supply needed elements for the body’s won healing activity.

Secondly, juices extremely rich in alkaline elements that help in normalizing acid-alkaline balance in the blood and tissues, as there is over-acidity in most conditions of ill health.

Thirdly, generous amounts of easily assumable organic minerals in raw juices, help in restoring biochemical and minerals balance in the tissue and cells, thereby preventing premature ageing of cells and disease.

Raw juice
vegetables juices



Certain precautions are, however necessary in adopting an exclusive diet of raw juices. All juices should be made fresh immediately before drinking.

Only fresh ripe fruits and vegetables should be used for extraction of juices.

Raw juices oxidize rapidly and lose their medicinal value in storage, even under refrigeration.

Sweet juices should be diluted in water on 50:50 basis or mixed with other less sweet juices.

This is especially important in some specific conditions such as diabetes, hypoglycemia, arthritis and high blood sugar.

Some common ailments and fruits and vegetables juices found beneficial in their treatments are mentioned below:

Acidity: Grapes, orange, lemon, carrot, and spinach.

Acne: Grapes, tomato, cucumber, carrot, potato and spinach.

Anemia: Apricot, prune, strawberry, red grapes, beet.

Asthma: Lemon, pineapple, peach, radish, and celery.

Colds: Lemon, orange, pineapple, carrot, onion.

Constipation: Apple, pear, grapes, carrot, beet, and spinach.

Diabetes: Citrus fruits, carrot, celery, lettuce and spinach.

Diarrhea: Papaya, lemon, pineapple, carrot, and celery.

Heart disease: Red grapes, lemon, cucumber, carrot and beet.

High blood pressure: Grapes, orange, cucumber, carrot and spinach.

Kidney Disorders: Apple, orange, lemon, cucumber, carrot, celery, parsley, and beet.

Obesity: Lemon, grapefruit, orange, cherry, papaya, tomato, beet, cabbage and carrot.

Stomach ulcers: Apricot, grapes, cabbage and carrot.

Tonsillitis: Lemon, orange, pineapple, carrot, and spinach.

Varicose Veins: Grapes, orange, tomato, beetroot and carrot.




As juices are extracted from plants and fruits, they possess definite medicinal properties. Specific juices are beneficial in specific conditions.

When on the raw juice therapy, the prescribed juice should be taken every two or three hours.




Given below are specific juice remedies:

1) Cabbage juice is used for healing stomach and duodenal ulcers.

2) Carrot juice is used for liver rejuvenation and cleansing. When applied directly to a burn. It expedites healing time.

3) Celery juice is used for lowering blood pressure.

4) Cherry juice (especially sour cherry juice) is used for treating gout, rheumatism and arthritis.

5) Cranberry juice is used for treating and preventing urinary tract infections. Grape juice is used for oedema, hepatitis and jaundice.

6) Lemon juice is used for indigestion, weight loss, and high-blood pressure and as a liver tonic. Drink upon arising, after a meal or following the use of antibiotics or other drugs.

7) Watermelon juice is used for urinary difficulties, oedema and to clear summer heat.


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