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Skin Care Tips

skin care tips

Special Skin Care Tips




Summer is full of little pleasures- a season for cool drinks, ice creams, beach walks, pool parties with family and friends, bare skin and cute little dresses and shorts. Ah, it’s the season of plenty-plenty of the sun, that is. All those hours of hot sun can actually play havoc on our skin. Here’s a bouquet of skin care tips to stave off the sun and keep your skin soft, supple and well-nourished.



1) Wear light, comfortable cotton clothes to absorb sweat.

2) Bathe with cool or lukewarm water, avoid very hot water. Depending on your sweating, you can bathe twice a day.

3) Cleanse your face twice or thrice daily with a cleanser suited for your skin type.

4) Tone after cleansing to freshen and moisturize the skin.

5) A gentle exfoliation using microbeads will help clear all the dead cells and flakes.

6) Moisturize your skin with a non-greasy product- your skin bears the brunt of constant exposure to air conditioning and needs hydration.

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Cover the Skin


1) Limit exposure to the sun’s harsh rays between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm.

2) Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, wear full sleeved cotton clothes and use an umbrella when out in the sun to protect your skin and hair.

3) Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with both UVA and UVB protection with at least SPF 30.

4) It takes about 15-20 minutes for any sunscreen to become effective, so apply it at least 20 minutes before stepping out. Reapply it every 3-4 hours, if you know you will be outdoors for really long.

5) Use a lip balm containing sunscreen to protect your lips.

Summer Diet


1) Drinks lots of water (at least 2 L) and freshly squeezed fruit juices to restore a lot of the moisture you lose by all that sweating.

2) Eat light to stay fresh and hydrated all day long. Summer salads loaded with plenty of vegetables and fruit should keep your body and skin happy.

3) Include foods rich in vitamins A (to protect your skin from the sun) and vitamins C (helps repair sun-damaged skin). Make sure your meals include carrots, papaya, black grapes, and green leafy vegetables.

The Monsoons ( Skin Care Tips)


Rain after months of blistering heat brings cool showers of relief to the parched earth and parched skin. The wet season brings its own set of skin woes. Less perspiration means more dead cells and clogged pores. You can fight these monsoon skin battles with a simple but effective skin care regime. Here are some tips to keep your skin fresh and glowing through the wet, humid months.

Skin Care Tips


1) Follow-up the cleansing routine with an alcohol-free toner; the increased humidity could clog up your pores.

2) Exfoliate to remove the dead layer of cells from your skin.

3) Keep using the sunscreen (SPF30) even on cloudy days.

4) Use a light lotion-based moisturizer or serum to gently rehydrate your skin and brighten it.

skin care tips

Special tips for acne-prone skin care tips


Acne loves this sultry season. Moist weather is a catalyst for bacteria build-up, which as we know is a surefire cause of acne breakouts. Some tips below can keep those pimples away.

1) Try a salicylic acid-based cleanser once daily in the mornings and a soap-free cleanser at night.

2) Scrubs once a week or every 15 days to exfoliate your skin.

3) Use a water-based foundation and avoid heavy makeup. Your skin must breathe.

4) Use a non-comedogenic moisturizer for oily skin.

5) You could use skin peels fortnightly.

6) Use a sunscreen for cloudy days for protection from harmful radiation. Use a gel-based sunscreen as it is non-sticky.

Foot Care


1) Cleanse off the slush and muck that your feet could get from walking on rain-lashed roads and streets.

2) You could have athlete’s foot (a bacterial and fungal infection) if you have to wade through water-logged streets often. Remember to completely dry your feet to prevent any bacterial fungal infections. Between your toes, dust some talcum powder or antifungal powder to help absorb excess dampness.

3) Your feet are probably better off without those wellingtons (rain boots)! These hold water for longer, create a soggy environment for your feet and help those bacteria or fungi to reign and give you the infection that could be persistent.

Winter ( Skin Care Tips)


The wet season gives way to a colder, drier, windier season. Your skin senses the stress of the season first. It becomes dry, flaky, dull and irritated. Low humidity aggravates the skin-drying effect and exposure to dry wind, cold water or drying soaps worsens it. Low temperature constricts the blood vessels, reduces blood flow to the skin and sweat and oil-producing glands in the body. The skin’s water content diminishes both inside and outside, and the cells shrink and dry, producing flaking in the top layer. When the mercury dips, a change in your skin care routine is a must.

skin care tips

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Skin Care Tips


1) Wash your face with a mild cleanser and rinse with lukewarm water. Moisture-containing soap-free cleansers are safe. Avoid antibacterial soaps and very hot water.

2) Avoid harsh soaps, scrubs, and loofahs.

3) Colloidal oatmeal baths, in addition to their action of preventing water loss, also soothe your skin.

4) Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

5) Add emollient oil to bath water (1-2 drops per bucketful).

6) Use a night cream (long-acting moisturizer for your face and body before going to bed)

7) Avoid toners of you have really dry skin because these dry it out even more. An astringent works well for oily or normal skin. Alcohol-based astringents, wipes, and colognes are not really good for your skin.

8) Using a humidifier inside the house to keep the skin moist. Long hours with the room heater on can rob your skin of moisture.

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