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Stomach Exercises

Stomach Exercises

Physical Activities to cure Digestive Disorders


Physical activities provide good circulation, physical strength and stamina and a supply body. Cardiovascular endurance is the ability of the heart, blood vessels and blood to carry oxygen to the cells waste products away from them. Muscular endurance is the capability of muscles to maintain repeated exercise and muscular strength is a capacity to carry, lift, push, or pull a heavy load. Flexibility is the ability of joints to move through their full range of motion they will not move easily.

Stomach Exercises

Optimum Heart- Rate ( Stomach Exercises )


Your optimum heart-rate during exercise should ideally be kept at 60-80% of your maximum heart-rate, which you can establish by subtracting your age. People who exercise regularly learn what their optimum heart-rate feels like. As you become fitter, you will need to step up the intensity of exercise to maintain your optimum heart-rate.

To calculate heart-rate, place two fingers on the pulse at the side of your neck or on your wrist. Count the beats for 15 seconds, and then multiply the number by four.

Cycling gives the heart and circulation at through work-out without straining the joints. It can be an excellent way of getting fresh air, but a stationary bicycle indoors might be more practical for some people.

Dancing: Exercise the heart, lungs, and muscles, and the social aspect is an added bonus. Choose from tango, salsa, jazz, ballet or any other form of energetic dance.

Downhill skiing Helps develop balance, agility, and coordination, while cross-country skiing provides a complete aerobic workout and exercise, more muscle groups than any other sport.

Fit for Life: Physical fitness requires cardiovascular endurance muscular and strength, and flexibility. Taking 20-30 minutes aerobic exercise (3-5 times a week) brings definite health benefits.

Cardiovascular: Endurance is developed by vigorous aerobic exercise, such as jogging, sustained for at least 12 minutes without a break (you should be puffing but not so hard that you can’t carry on a conversation). Aerobic exercise oxygenates the muscles and enables the heart to pump more efficiently.

Muscular Endurance is built up with the repeated exercising of large muscle groups, as in swimming.

Muscular Strength is developed with anaerobic exercise, as in weight lifting or tennis, which consists of brief busts of intense activity.

Flexibility: Is achieved by stretching muscles and is maintained by activities such as golf or yoga. It stops connective tissue shortening and tightening, prevents muscles being pulled or torn, relieves pain, boosts muscle strength and tone, and helps prevent injury. Flexibility can enhance body awareness and appearance, increase energy and improves circulation.

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Which Activity? ( Stomach Exercises )


It is a fact that if you enjoy a form of exercise, you are more likely to stick with it. It prevents boredom by varying exercises, for example, try skipping sometimes instead of running.

Walking, which has a host of health benefits, can easily be incorporated into a daily routine.

Tennis is good for agility and coordination and helps build up muscular strength.

Running or jogging is the aerobic exercise par excellence, but don’t attempt it until you can walk briskly for 3 km (2 miles) without difficulty. Always wear well-cushioned shoes that bend at the ball of the foot.

Stomach Exercises classes vary from stretching and weight training to step aerobics, jazz, dance and dynamic yoga.

In his famous book entitled ‘Natural Living’ Mark Events has mentioned following sports-related activities.

Stomach Exercises

* Badminton                                    * Golf

* Jogging                                          * Tennis

* Brisk                                               * Cycling

* Skipping                                         * Swimming

* Football                                         * Boxing

* Volley Ball                                     * Squash

* Rebounding                                  * Dancing

* Jazz dance                                     * Gardening

Stomach Exercises

There could be other types of activities to maintain general good health, for instance, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Wrestling etc. In their book entitled ‘Encyclopedia of Complementary Mundane’

Stomach Exercises
Kho Kho

Anne Woodham and Dr. David Peters have suggested some excellent tips on general upkeep of sound health.

Deviating from the main topic I will suggest that all persons, whether young or old, should ask themselves following question and decide for yourself where you actually stand

when following health problem-related question is asked: ( Stomach Exercises)


* Are you physically fit enough to do the things you want to?

* Do you get all the sleep you need?

* Do you exercise for at least 20-30 minutes, three times a day?

* Do you give yourself enough time to warm up and cool down before and after exercising?

* Are you comfortable with your weight, shape and physical condition?

* Given the option, do you walk or use the stairs?

* Are you well enough to work every day?

* Do you feel secure and satisfied in what you do?

* Is your environment free from pollution (of air, noise, chemically)

* Do you feel in control of your workload?

* Do you take enough breaks during the day to keep your mind alert and reduce body tension?

* Do you drink more than three times a day or do you use rotationally dangerous recreational things?

* Do you suffer from high blood pressure, raised blood cholesterol, diabetes; had an attack ( of the heart) before 40, gout, blood cancer, glaucoma, and bowl cancer?

* Do you have a periodical checkup which includes X-rays, blood tests, urine & stool tests, eye-nose, and ear and throat tests?

* Do you take care of abnormal and/ or unusual growth on/ in your body?

* Do you find it difficult to enjoy/ relaxes moments of pleasure or you simply and easily buckle under stressful conditions?

*  You become panicky in an unfavorable situation or blame others for your faults also?

*  You take a wholesome diet daily and affect occasional changes in your menu?

* Do you avoid junk and processed food?

* Do you drink enough fluids to keep your urine light pale?

* Do you often skip meals or every time is a meal time for you.

* Does any changes in dress, diet, environs, house, job or friends impact your life?

* Do you take out some moments to relax?

* Do you get 6-8 hours’ sleep daily?

If your response to the above questions regarding stomach exercises is in the negative, you need to assess your life, living patterns, habits, eating habits, with suitable and requisite changes failing which life may seem to be a burden for you. Self-assessment and drawing a self-balance sheet are not easy tasks but when there are an honest approach and strong will and determination. Most of the said problems could be easily surmounted and tied over.


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